Is This A Good Laptop?
I’m looking for a laptop that is $400 or under. My last laptop’s hard drive just crashed. It was pretty cheap (under 400) and all I know is that it was an HP with an AMD processor. This laptop was recommended to me because it has an Intel processor; I was told that the AMD processor in my last computer got too hot and pobably caused the hard drive to crash. Does this look like a good laptop? I’m a student and will use it for making a 10 minute documentary using movie maker, itunes, microsoft office and internet browsing, so it has to be good for multitasking, but I won’t be gaming or anything. So, do you think this will be a good laptop? How would this laptop compare with, say, a Toshiba or HP with similar specifications? Also, I’m really excited about the price because it is actually $348 at my Walmart and I was told it will probably be discounted even further if I buy it because they have already deleted it from their system.

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