Is This A Good Mac For A Student?

Is this a good mac Apple® – MacBook Pro® – 13.3″ Display – 8GB Memory – 750GB Hard Drive
Size ,memory wise. I’m getting from here cause I have gift cards etc & it’s cheaper than apple with its customization even after discount
Or would u get a 15 in
I’m a student who’ll use it for school basic stuff while in school & when I graduate

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5 Responses to “Is This A Good Mac For A Student?”

  1. Pablo says:

    yep, i have exactly that one and it awesome. i need it to last all middle school for me and i already had it for a year and still looks and works like new.

  2. Andrew says:

    Do NOT buy a Mac. You can save money and buy an ultra book or nice PC for a quarter of the cost with more performance.

  3. PJ says:

    this mbp will work well for you & meet your needs

  4. Bobby says:

    If you want a Mac then yes. If you want to save money then buy a laptop/notebook (cheaper)

  5. Nkwelle Stephen says:

    thats a great laptop you are talking about get it and you would not regret and mac is even a better operating system

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