is this a good mobile contract deal?

Its with tmobile, contract includes 100 mins, unlimited texts and unlimited internet and a nokia 5800 smartphone.
£20 per month on a 24month contract, do you think thats a good deal?

Thanks! 🙂

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7 Responses to “is this a good mobile contract deal?”

  1. Deviant says:

    You have to ask yourself do you REALLY want a 24-month contract? 2 years is an extraordinarily long time in mobile phone terms and in that time a lot can happen (much better deals and phones come out). I would advise going for an 18-month maximum. Also, you can get deals with automatic cash/chequeback or free gifts to potentially offset the cost of a more expensive monthly price plan on a shorter term.

    You might also be irritated by T-Mobile’s poor voice calls network – data however should be fine.

  2. sexxie says:

    yes that is a very great plan for the price and it is also a very good phone

    hope i helped you out

  3. WhitƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ says:

    i mean yea but u only need 100mins?? i would use that up in like one day lol but i have unlimited minutes im with t-mobile also

  4. opendra s says:

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  5. SophieFay09x says:

    It is a really good deal – the only issue is signal

    Where I am , t-mobile has awful reception.
    Ask them to search your postcode to check you get good reception before you sign up to anything 🙂

    If you were to get a vodaphone contract- they do unlimited texts and 300 minutes a month – for £15, plus you can sign onto an internet contract for an additional £5 a month.
    So it works out at £20 a month but you are getting 200 minutes more – Plus I was told when purchasing mine that Vodafone has the best reception in britain.

  6. Fatima says:

    That is a pretty good deal

    But with £5 more–you could get 1000 mins, unlimited texts and internet and all for £25; it also comes with the Nokia5800… (its the contract i have with the 5800 and its really worth your money)

  7. is it only us? says:

    its a good deal, but i think you need to make shore you have a 7 day take back if you don’t like this phone, its ok, but the screen is a real pain in the bum to use, you need a stylus, which some people don’t mind, but touch screen should be just that, try one and see how you get on before committing to 2 years with one.

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