Is this a good mobile contract deal?

Considering I’ve never been on contract before and never been on 3 network, is that a good deal?

My phone at the moment is a Sony Ericsson K770i and on 02.

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3 Responses to “Is this a good mobile contract deal?”

  1. Hels Bels says:

    To be honest this isn’t a great deal plus the Nokia N95 is a really old phone now and you should be looking at the N96 or the Nokia 5800.

    3 is the worst network you could choose to go with on a contract the main reason is the terrible coverage plus on a contract this will mean you are stuck paying the rest of the contract out for a phone which you can’t even use.

    Personally I would recommend Vodafone plus they are doing a great deal at the moment for the Nokia 5800 free £25 a month 600 minutes and unlimited texts

  2. Phantom Viper says:

    I wudnt say it was a bad deal, however take a moment to consider ur location, are u in a good area for the 3 network, are u able to use the 3G etc. Also to be honest ive never liked 3 i spent 2 years on contract with em and had loadsa problems. Personally id take a look at the other networks so see what they offer. In my experience t-mobile have excellent customer support and great signal nationwide, Also have a great range of fones and planes. The same can be said for o2. With regard to 3 id put them in the same league as orange lol and thats the one "Stay well away" lol
    Hope this proves usefull

  3. Rebecca J says:

    Hi There

    My company BillMonitor ( a free service which looks at your personal usage and all the handsets and contracts currently available to find the best deal with the best phone for you.
    If you tell the service what you would ideally like from a contract it will look through every possibility on the market and automatically find the best value contract for you.
    There are a couple of other good UK comparison sites like, and moneysupermarket has a mobile section too.


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