Is This A Good Pc? Http://

Is this a good gaming pc or just crap. I want a good one for a max of £350

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2 Responses to “Is This A Good Pc? Http://”

  1. Jacob says:

    Sounds good. My only criticisms would be get an intel i5 ( i3 is only good for casual gaming and i7 isnt worth the extra money) also, on board graphics will get you NOWHERE for gaming, you need a graphics card of at least 2GB, I suggest nvidia.

  2. Fintar says:

    It isn’t a gaming PC. If you scroll down far enough you will see ‘Graphics card – Onboard only’ meaning there isn’t dedicated graphics and you’ll only be able to play basic games, with bad graphics. You’d be able to install one yourself but it would put the cost over your budget.
    I can’t really suggest a gaming computer for you because £350 is a bit low if you want to be gaming. Maybe someone else knows one but I don’t.

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