Is This A Good Pc Monitor?
Was looking to buy this Monitor and use it for gaming or is it better to get:

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3 Responses to “Is This A Good Pc Monitor?”

  1. Tinn says:

    It most likely is, as there’s mostly 5 star reviews. I recommend the ASUS because it’s a better known company, and it’s really well known for its good products.

  2. Evers says:

    That is a very good monitor and it is favored by PC gamers due to its response time and picture quality. You can’t go wrong with an ASUS monitor.

  3. Jason says:

    They are both reputable brands.
    I myself is using an AOC monitor with 5ms response time. I used to own a Samsung 2ms monitor, and i’m pretty sure the lower response time is not worth the additional 20 – 30 bucks because the difference is very minor and you wouldn’t notice any ghosting anyway.
    The problem with AOC here in Singapore is that the after-sale service is terrible, doesn’t matter cause most after-sale services here in Singapore is terrible. I would suggest you do a little research on their customer service and a little about the distributor where you live (or where you are buying the monitor from).
    No point buying the best of the best if you can’t get it repaired when it’s faulty..

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