Is this a good piano? to learn on as a beginner?

And is it full sized with all the keys? thanks x

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8 Responses to “Is this a good piano? to learn on as a beginner?”

  1. bojan_bozovic says:

    No. You need 88-keys and weighted action.

    Its GBP 319 with stand or 299 without, not an original Casio wooden stand, but stand that will most probably do.

    Its GPB 360 with original stand.

    You can build the stand yourself too (DIY!).

    Here is Yamaha…

    P-95 on Bing Shopping.

    P-95 on

    However, it’s price on Amazon UK is too high, $498 is not GBP 464! Ridiculous.You can try to find a better deal for it, however. And, if possible, try before you buy.

  2. Abbey Davidson says:


  3. DancDiva says:

    yes it’s a good keyboard. a regular piano has 88 keys

  4. Malcolm D says:

    No, it is not a good piano substitute. It has only 61 keys instead of the required 88 and so far as I can tell, does not have weighted keys.

  5. Millycat says:

    Look for something with 88 keys and weighted action.

  6. (: says:

    Honestly, any piano is fine for a beginner. I learned the piano at a very young age and I learned off of a tiny lap keyboard with 10 keys from toys r us and slowly upgraded.

  7. Kenongra says:

    if you play for fun sure, if you actually want to take exams and get certificates, no.
    It only has 61 keys (instead of the normal 88 which can affect your exam because you’re not used to playing on a bigger keyboard) and it doesn’t have weighted keys, this will affect the quality of your playing when your playing on a real piano or a keyboard with weighted keys.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Every professional was one a beginner, and no professional would use a 61 key keyboard. Look to the future. I play pieces that couldn’t be played on such a small thing. It is definitely not good… even for a beginner. Beginners need to learn dynamics (which cannot be played on a keyboard) and need to learn how to use the damper pedal (which Keyboards do not have). Ultimately, I recommend that you use a real piano with a damper pedal and hammer-weighted keys. You can buy them through the internet or at a local piano and organ store. Good luck!

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