Is This A Real Warning From Fbi Or A Scam (or Possible Virus)?

I left my computer on this morning before I left for class. The window browsers I had at that moment on were e-mails, online search and a trading game stimulus which was required by my class. By the time I returned to my apartment, I found there is a warning page on my computer that pretty much blocked everything on my screen and my webcam was somehow turned on ( I don’t use webcam that often so I wonder how they did it). It also said that if I don’t pay 200 bucks in form of Greendot Moneypak or moneypak voucher. My computer will be blocked forever after these 48 hours. The page claimed itself from FBI and said I violated one of the terms like, I was downloading copyright stuffs….etc,
$200 to me is a lot of money, so I just want to make sure this is for real or just a scam or I’ve been hacked?

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2 Responses to “Is This A Real Warning From Fbi Or A Scam (or Possible Virus)?”

  1. Daytimef says:

    It’s a hack, just run an anti-virus program. I use AVG so things like this don’t happen. If this was legit I’m pretty sure there would be a court based document coming for you and not some program on your computer…

  2. randi says:

    that is a type of malware. what you need to do is download avast antivirus and spybot search and destroy. run them to clean up your pc (both are free and highly recommended by many)
    make sure not to access any private websites such as your bank website or email until you are sure your pc is spyware free.
    download links below

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