Is This A Scam Or Real?!?!?

At the mall last month, they had a car out, and about 10 box’s with forms to fill out. It was a giveaway to win either a car, $50,000 cash, 1 vacataion per year for life etc… IT said it ended in June. Today, I got a call saying it was them from the mall etc… He said we won 4 round tickets to 26 locations (worth $6,000). It wasn’t an option they mentioned…. When my dad called, they said they want us to travel an hour to somewhere to listen to a 120 minute lecture, and we will then get the tickets at the end, and a $100 lunch voucher. Is this a scam, did they call every person who signed up, or is this real? Thanks! BTW, he had all the info we filled out on the form, and it was a 877 number.

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4 Responses to “Is This A Scam Or Real?!?!?”

  1. melissa says:

    If it seems too good too be true it probably is xx

  2. ☼♥FizzyP says:


  3. Fustercl says:

    Not really a scam because you will get the voucher as promised if you meet all the requirements. For one thing both your mom and dad must attend, listen to the presentation and provide proof of income.
    Every person who enters the conest gets a call

  4. Dan says:

    It is likely a presentation to sell timeshares, vacation clubs, etc. They call everyone and the sales presentation is very high pressured, There also are probably restrictions on the airline tickets. It is something to try to get you to spend a lot of money, so it is scammy if not technically a scam.

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