Is This A Strange Position?

I am not a fan of Obama, but the only real advantage Romney had over him in my view is that he had not yet had a chance at the presidency. I ended up voting for a third party, but decided a Romney victory would be worth a half-hearted cheer. When I learned he lost however, I only felt relief. Though I had some hope he could improve our economy, I realized that hope was a slim one. And I had to stifle the joy I felt knowing his social agenda would not see the light of day. I realized this was the end of any chance DADT and something like DOMA had of ever becoming law. Or medicare going to a voucher system. Or the pro-life ideology gaining ground after some of the more obscene laws and bewildering comments I have heard from that position in the last few years.
Is it strange to be relieved that the candidate I and my family favored lost?

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2 Responses to “Is This A Strange Position?”

  1. PalinsBa says:

    I had that happen in 08

  2. Fox Girl says:

    Not that strange for someone who’s more moderate, you sound fairly moderate to me. Sounds like you thought the good Romney might do was a bit greater than the bad but now that he’s lost you’re thinking about the reasons why that might be a good thing and it makes you feel better. Doesn’t seem that unusual to me.

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