Is this cage and products good for rats?

I am wanting to get a new and bigger cage for my 2 girls. They seem happy in the one they are in, but I would just like a bigger cage so I would be able to put more things in it for them to do.

This is the cage I am thinking of getting. Its plenty big enough (10 rats will fit) so my 2 girls will have loads of space.
I think for the size of it, its also very cheap too. The cage I have now is one of the more basic rat cages that most people start off with and it was £85, but I got it for £65 as it was on offer. I am really leaning towards this cage due to the space and size of it. I know that it has metal bars at the bottom, but I am going to line it with fleece and attach it will bull clips or similar.

The other things I was wanting to get are:
They already have one of these but I am planning to take away some of the ladders in the cage and use the rope as a ‘ramp’.

Along with all of that, I am planning to get lots of hammock/sleeping things to hang in their cage. They currently have:
A rope bridge
A cargo net
A rope bird toy thing (They don’t use it though)
1 extra level (ground, 1 level, 2nd level)
A large tube
A toilet roll tube
A wicker tube with holes in
and also a
Log bridge thing.

I was just wondering what you thought of these things for my girls. I just want them to be as happy as they can be!

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6 Responses to “Is this cage and products good for rats?”

  1. Miss Confused says:

    I have this first cage myself for my two chinchillas. It’s very spacious and they love it . I would definitely recommend it. It has easy access for cleaning to witch is a bonus!
    By the way I don’t think it matters how many toys they have as long as your rats have lots of attention from you they will be happy x

  2. CookieMonster says:

    your rats are gonna be so happy with all of this! you’re a great pet owner and now I want pets rats! are they good, friendly pets? anyway it is good to have a large cage for them they will love exploring in it and they will love all the new toys you are getting them.

  3. Amalie says:

    This is a wonderful cage. Your rats will enjoy this till the ends of the earth! Haha. It is great and big which will provide plenty of space to run and have fun and they will be very happy and have something to do when you are not their. Also the toys you are getting are great. They will fully enjoy them and have lots of play time. I suggest a few wood toys though. But over all this is a really great setup!!,

  4. Josie says:

    Trust me they’ll be happy! Especially if you get a hammock for them! They will chew it down eventually but my rats snuggle together in it . Its the cutest thing ever. And I found that my rats like hamster sized houses instead of rat sized ones. They both shove themselves into the tiny one and sleep in there. Just don’t put all the toys in there at once.

  5. Marni says:

    It looks good, but I’d say instead of just covering the base with fleece, fit a plastic tray in as well. That way, the fleece cannot be pushed through the mesh.

  6. ? says:

    All of that is fine and the cage well its a perfect choice i had that cage for my rats it takes up alot of space tho but its worth the space and the money

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