Is this cage suitable for two to three dwarf hamsters or gerbils?
It’s far more suitable for me than a normal single-level cage as the only available surface free in my room is quite small.

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3 Responses to “Is this cage suitable for two to three dwarf hamsters or gerbils?”

  1. Tersa B says:

    It isn’t really a good cage for either. A gerbil will chew through the bars (trust me, we had a metal carrying cage similarly made and ours gnawed on the metal slats until it was wide enough for them to squeeze out. Gerbils really need a glass aquarium, to prevent escape or mess. Also… they need running room, and plenty of it. The minimum size aquarium for 2 gerbils is 10 gal. That’s what I have, and we still pull them out and let them run in the bath tub… because they need the room to run (and cardboard to chew) or they become destructive.
    For a dwarf hamster it might be better, but dwarf hamsters can get internal injuries quite easily. Cages like there were they can fall a fairly long distance are bad and your dwarf hamsters will die from internal injuries fairly early on.
    If you were able to extend the levels much longer and made a few extra… it could work but you would need to be able to spend the money on fixing it up… and have the know how.
    One note on those types of cage in general. The levels are slatted. You need to cover those, or your small rodent’s feel will get stuck. With a gerbil, their tail will break easily and get infected. Also, the rodents like bedding everywhere within their cage. With the sides like slats…they kick out there bedding and poop. I know some gerbils will even do it on purpose because they want the poop out of their cage. So you’ll have a pretty big mess around the cage.

  2. Hamster Owner & Expert *Sick* says:

    Dwarf hamsters cannot be housed together, they will fight.

    For a gerbil cage, you could fit 2 gerbils in there. That is a good price. HURRY!

    Don’t buy a tank, it has POOR ventalation.

  3. jessie says:


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