is this classed as dealing?

if you offer to share your spliff with someone can you be accused of dealing? like if there’s no money involved, just a guy offering his mate to have a few pulls

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4 Responses to “is this classed as dealing?”

  1. Andi says:

    Dealing (in anything) is selling something in exchange for something else (often money, but could be any benefit)

    So a gift of a few pulls is hardly that, is it..

    And dealing usually implies multiple and repeated sales – as in a business, not just a one off sale/ exchange. (eg you pick up the glasses around the bar for me, and I’ll let you have a few pulls)

  2. footflash1 says:

    No agency in the world would prosecute this. CAN you be charged, by the letter of the law? Probably, but no.

  3. Wayne says:

    Like, how often to you share? Besides, you can still be charged with posession and if there is enough to share, there is probably enough to be "in possesion with intent to sell."

  4. Bradslady says:

    Yes, it sure can be and my advise it to stop doing that.

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