Is This Computer Good For The Price?…
I have a spare 1TB HDD lying about, so will stick that in as well. I want to run a couple of games on it such as Tekkit and ARMA 2, so I would like all the techie people out there to tell me whether it’s good value. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Is This Computer Good For The Price?”

  1. Yaqoob Alvi says:

    It is not intended for gaming may be for very basic gaming
    processor is good i would prefer i5 2500k
    It is just a regular pc for any office or basic operations
    Price is fair enough if all the parts are brand new.
    You can get a better deal at ebay for a used one which can be alot better than that may be 5 FOLD

  2. Jack says:

    its fine for the price but your not going to be playing ARMA 2 on a PC like that.
    probably looking at a minimum budget of £400 to play arma 2 well. you need a low to mid level graphics card and dual core processor to play it on its lowest settings.

  3. Bringing Salvation says:

    no considering i found the 1tb version on ebuyer for same price also the i3 is the ivy bridge series less power greedy and better performance
    also you are going to need a graphics card and better power supply to support it
    parts are below and my opinion on gaming power
    i3 with the card and power supply below will give you a medium settings in games…
    or get the i5 version which will give you high settings on games like bf3 and arma 2 with cards below games like arma 2 demand a higher gpu and cpu…
    power supply gx 650w…
    6870 amd 1gb ddr5…
    just remember to register the card or the wont garantee a warrenty

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