Is This Cpu Any Good For Gaming?

Its the fx 4100
or a intel cpu such as the 2500k or 2700k ?
i know the price difference but this looks like it does the same and everything

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2 Responses to “Is This Cpu Any Good For Gaming?”

  1. CanadaRA says:

    Gaming is 90% about the performance of the video card. The CPU is OK for gaming, a more expensive i5 processor may be marginally better. But look to the video card first for upgrading.
    Of course, ,it you already have the AMD CPU you are not talking about just a CPU, but a new motherboard as well if you want to go to the Intel

  2. Georg says:

    Ok the I5 is the best CPU out there for gaming. You can spend more on a I7 but you will not gain a thing when it comes to gaming performance with it. The I7 is built for heavy workloads.
    AMD just came out with their new CPUs today I read. They make up some of the lost standings they had to the I5. This is good for gamers on a budget. The top new AMD offering comes in at around $195. While the top I5 is around $230.
    The problem is the AMD CPUs are very hungry little beggars when it comes to power. They will actually cost you more to run over the life of the CPU than the I5, so you loss the price advantage with them in the end. The I5 will cost you less over the life time of the CPU. Plus it is still better in games than any AMD CPU.
    No game out there takes advantage of all those 8 cores. Games are programed to take advantage of 4 cores because that is where the gamers market has been and still is centered.

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