Is This Discount Right?

I’m under an intense amount of stress and really need to order something tonight so it gets shipped tomorrow and arrives before Valentine’s Day.
OK, so I’m ordering something only for 298.89. There’s a 10% discount. I enter it in.
It tells me:
Subprice: 298.89
– Voucher: 29.89
Shipping: 0.00
Total: 290.52
WTF. Shouldn’t my total be 269??! Ugh, I just wanted to order it already but the price seems wrong. Am I right or is the stress making my brain not function correctly?

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3 Responses to “Is This Discount Right?”

  1. Sam says:

    Your math is right, I’m not sure what the heck the place your ordering from is thinking

  2. ColdJava says:

    Yes, the total should be 296$ with an inconsequential 1/10 of a cent,

  3. wirehawk says:

    If the base price is $298.89, then apply the 10% discount:
    298.89 x 10%(.1) = 29.89
    298.89 – 29.89 = $269.00.

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