Is This Dog Food Okay For My 8 Month Old Husky Puppy?

Missed the fine print below saying for medium sized breeds

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6 Responses to “Is This Dog Food Okay For My 8 Month Old Husky Puppy?”

  1. ? says:

    yes its good for the puppy

  2. Dee says:

    I don’t know anything about that brand, but my 6 month old is thriving on Purina Pro Plan Sport formula. It has the highest protein content of all Purina brands.

  3. CF_ says:

    Acana is pretty good food, not the best, but there are certainly way more worse than Acana.
    I would rate it an 8 out of 10, and would say it is okay to feed to your puppy.

  4. Kaido <3 says:

    From best to least, here are what I suggest:
    *Prey Model Raw diet
    *Homemade diet
    *Freeze dried or dehydrated diet
    *Canned diet
    *High quality kibble diet

  5. Kali says:

    Raw is best but Acana is good food. I feed Earthborn kibble to my boys. Going to have to make a high fat low protein homemade for one of my boys but the other does really well on earthborn and did well on Acana.

  6. stephani says:

    I feed both my huskies Acana Pacifica and they are doing good. One is 5 1/2 and one is 2 1/2.

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