Is This How You Write The Equation?

Suppose your school is selling magazine subscriptions. Each subscription costs $20. The company pays the school half of the total sales in dollars. The school must also pay a one-time fee of $18. What is the fewest number of subscription that can be sold to earn a profit of $200?
I did it 20y+18=200
and got 9.1 which is aprox 9 subscriptions is that correct?
if not please tell me what the correct answer is thank you for your help :]

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One Response to “Is This How You Write The Equation?”

  1. David says:

    let x = number of subscriptions
    (20x / 2) – 18 >= 200
    10x – 18 >= 200
    10x >= 218
    x >= 21.8
    22 subscriptions

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