Is this iPod a bargain?

My colleague has just got an Iphone, so is selling his Ipod Touch 8Gb with dock & 2 Inspire T10 speakers. I have it here & its all boxed & mint. Is this a bargain for £150????

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4 Responses to “Is this iPod a bargain?”

  1. Tira B says:

    Good deal. If you are sure there are no problems with it and you are happy with its condition then I would go for it.

  2. says:

    bloody hell!
    i would so buy that!
    that is a real bargain, take it
    by the way, i have the ipod touch 8gig, it rocks!

  3. kidelano says:

    yes because normally an ipd touch is 150 quid anywayz

  4. nonyabeeswax says:

    you need to buy that.
    an 8gb ipod touch would be around 250 alone.

    that is a great deal!

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