Is this laptop any good for gaming?

would this lapop be any good for gaming? Ranging from low level games all the way up high processing games, e.g. skyrim etc

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  1. Joseph says:

    No. Sorry. Its a basic 300 dollar laptop.

    And while I’ve got your attention, most laptops aren’t good for gaming. They may be suitable, but most average desktops will out perform high-end laptops in gaming.

    If you must use a laptop for gaming or high-performance applications, please please use a cooling pad. One-for your skin. Two-for the heat buildup of your computer. Clogging the vents does not allow for airflow and is a dramatic decrease on the life of your computer’s hardware. It’s hundreds of degrees inside there.

  2. LucineAura says:

    It might work. The more gig the better. 🙂 I would get as much gig as possible. There are websites online that will tell you what your computer needs to run certain games. 😀 Check them out. They are very very helpful. <—- really nice.

    I have an emulator on my macbook pro and it works nicely. Bad thing about macs is that you need Bootcamp installed to play pc games tho. :/

  3. Simply Mirza says:

    only "Alien Ware" provides laptops for gaming. If you are looking above laptop for gaming, then low graphic games are not a problem for it.
    But its Processor and GPU is not enough for new games because they all need at least 512mb heavy duty gaming card and core i3 processor chip, Built in GPU only supports OS features.

    I also have 800mb built in GPU in my desktop that only supports OS features not gaming features, 256 external GPU performs much better than it.

  4. Georg says:

    For a gaming PC, be it a desktop or laptop you need 4 things.

    The CPU The I5 3570 is king for gaming. The I5 3320M for laptops.

    RAM at least 4GB of fast 1600MHz, *8GB is great for gaming. More wont do anything for gaming.

    A deadicated GPU of at least an Nvidia 660 or 670M for a laptop, a Radeon 7770 or a 7870M for a laptop.

    A good Brandname 80+ Bronze rated PSU or a good 9 cell battery pack for a laptop. GPUs are power hungery little beggers.

  5. Billy Sastard says:

    No the specs are no good for gaming. The graphics card is very basic and the processor is not brilliant either.

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