Is This Laptop Good For Gaming?
I need a laptop that can run newer games like Skyrim and Saints Row The Third. I looked at it but I didn’t see anything about the graphics card. Please help. Thanks!

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3 Responses to “Is This Laptop Good For Gaming?”

  1. Me says:

    No, Minecraft on Normal settings will run at 30 FPS, which is pretty crappy
    This is due to the fact of the slow processor clock speed, only 2.5GHz, and it is using Intergrated Graphics, which is only good for watching HD videos on YouTube.
    If you want to look into gaming, i suggest you look into building/buying a gaming PC (building is cheaper and more options available)
    To run Skyrim or Saints Row 3 at Max Settings, you would need to spend about £800 in the UK.
    An i5 3570K, with a GTX 660 will run BF3, Ultra settings at about 40 FPS.

  2. Jerry H. says:

    No this will not play games. Not a gaming laptop otherwise it would say something to that fact

  3. John says:

    go to they have a collection of gaming computers that should all be able to run them types of games at standard settings.
    Also the other guys answer is suitable, as the clock speed wont play too much into it but will make a difference. However most new computers will play games like the ones you mentioned, it is the graphics settings you will be compomising.

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