Is this laptop good for playing games?

I would like to buy this laptop but I want to know if it could run skyrim and battlefield 3 on high graphic settings I have a budget of £500 and I thing this laptop would be a good idea for gaming. If you find a better laptop please tell me.
I want a laptop because my mum and dad are living in different homes and I want a gaming laptop that I can just carry from house to house with out taking everything. And I would like to use it for college.

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  1. YZFFan says:

    It will be fine for so much, as it has an independent graphics processing unit (GPU), which takes some of the strain off the processor chip (CPU)

    But no laptops are very good at playing the most current and demanding games really. If you want to game full-on, a pc is really the way to go. The reason being, you can have a large and powerful graphics processing unit in there (or more than 1, which will do that job better). Some of the more demanding games at current, will just be very ‘laggy’ and jerky to watch because of low frame rates, on the laptop you are looking at. You could build a better PC for the same money.

    I would look at what kind of games you are going to play and then by the specs, judge what kind of hardware you might need. Flash games and basic, non-demaning games will be just fine on that laptop. Also, ignore the first comment… there is nothing wrong with Lenovo.

    Visit this link> to see Aria, who sell very well priced and very well set up gaming bundles… this is waht your £5000 will get you these days.

    Edit: then you will need more cash to be able to play those games on low-medium setting, never mind high setting. As a minimum you will need to buy something like this>

    This is what Skyrim looks like being played on the same GPU>

  2. JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt says:

    Just looking at the words lenovo I’m going to say no.

  3. ken says:

    Skyrim – no
    Battlefield 3 – no
    The GPU is a bit lacking, you would experience low FPS with both these games at high settings. A laptop is usually not a good choice for gaming because you can’t upgrade it at all in the future.

  4. Michael the Friendly Neanderthal says:

    Build your own PC; it’s powerful and much cheaper. A few good places to start if you decide to build: and

    You can use that very popular forum for question on how to buy parts or for recommendations.

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