Is This Laser Too Powerful For My Kittens?

I have a red laser pointer for my kittens but it is really too weak, especially in the daytime so they struggle to see it and it can ruin the fun!! I know that green laser pointers are a bit brighter so I was wondering if that would be better in the daytime. can you really see the laserbeam with green lasers too?
The details of the laser I might get are:
Extremely bright green laser at 532 nm wavelength
Output power of <1mW (Class II Laser Product)
1.1 mm beam diameter at source (Case Excluded)
Can be used for skypointing, astronomy, projection on low clouds, signalling
Solid, heavy duty construction, Momentary push button switch, Constant wave output (as opposed to pulse output)
It's on Amazon ( if you want to have a better look to tell me if it's safe or not… obviously I know I have to keep it away from their eyes, but would it be dangerous if they moved and it went in one of their eyes?
Here is the link to the laser on Amazon:…
Thank you! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Is This Laser Too Powerful For My Kittens?”

  1. caza says:

    alslong as you dont put it in their eyes no i have one like that very strong and they love it had no problem it only makes them dizy when i make them run in circles lol

  2. Warren says:

    We have a problem with our Ocicat and her laser toy… one I kind of anticipated – Ocicats are pretty bright, and she has figured out that she is never going to be able to catch that little red spot, now after taking a few fruitless bats at it, she ignores it completely. Anybody want to buy a slightly used laser toy? LOL!

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