Is This Legal Or Illegal?

Bit of a situation but cutting a long story short, I purchased a product (voucher) where the seller claimed if I bought it, it would give me good discounts. He made this clear and eventually I bought it for £50. I tried to use it with the company and it turns out the man who I bought this from was just apart of the ‘advertising’ agency and I done my research and found out he had lied and that I could have got it for the same price anyways, is what he done even legal!?!? Any replies are welcome I’m 16 and not quite sure what to think of what action to take, thank you!

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One Response to “Is This Legal Or Illegal?”

  1. david h says:

    When you say he lied , exactly what claim did he lie about ?
    Under the consumer protection act the goods bought should be as described !
    If not you can ask for your money back !

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