Is This Motherboard Good?…

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One Response to “Is This Motherboard Good?”

  1. RobiePAX says:

    I hate your kind of questions. “Is it good?” and no proper information added. Is it good for what? Watching movies? Playing 5+ year old games? Playing modern games? 3D design and modeling?
    This motherboard is too good for the most of tasks that comes to my mind. Games? Most of modern games require maximum of 8GB of RAM, while this motherboard provide 32GB!
    For video editing, modeling and 3D design it’s perfect.
    Long story short, this motherboard is really good thus quite expensive. You may buy it and get yourself only 8GB of RAM stick for now and leave other x3 slots empty. Overtime when you computer will need more memory then you’ll be able to upgrade to more.

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