Is This Obama’s Legacy?

Section 8 Housing voucher distribution canceled after thousands waiting in line get out of control
TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) – A chaotic scene erupted at the Taylor Human Services Center when the crowd waiting for a Section 8 Housing voucher distribution got out of control.
The center is located at Eureka and Lange Roads. That’s between on Eureka, between Beech Daly and Inkster.
Officers say thousands of people from all over the area were at the center at the time of the incident. 7 Action News is being told there were 1,000 vouchers available and 5,000 people showed up trying to get one.
The crowd had grown overnight as more and more people arrived. Some of them said they started lining up yesterday evening.
Witnesses say the line stretched for a mile down Lange Road.
Police say, when the time came for the vouchers to be distributed, there was a mad rush for the door. Officers tried to control the crowd, but couldn’t.
Officers had to shut down several lanes of Eureka Road until the situation could be brought under control. The road is now reopened.
Several people were arrested. The rest were sent home. Today’s distribution has been canceled and will be rescheduled.
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5 Responses to “Is This Obama’s Legacy?”

  1. Christian Democrat says:

    No, but this is, sadly, the legacy of the Obstructionists in Congress.

  2. Obama's Gravy Train says:

    They should fight for a job like they do for gov handouts…..
    Obama’s voter base needs to take a chill pill.

  3. John W says:

    A flash mob for section 8 whats happening to America

  4. Hannah says:

    No, that’s a problem with the state of Michigan, not the federal government.
    Public housing falls under state jurisdiction, not federal.

  5. Flower says:

    Pres. Obama’s legacy is that he saved the country from economic collapse by his decisions.
    These people were waiting for an application, unless Michigan has a lottery for vouchers. You can see how huge the need for affordable rentals is. And Michigan is pretty cheap. In Atlanta they had 10,000 people wanting an application. The problem is that businesses and manufacturing left places like Detroit, and whats left is no jobs or low paying jobs, so people have to get help from government.
    Pres Obama did not create the conditions leading to a lack of affordable housing. That began in the 1970s and no one thought we would have a Ronald Reagan/George Bush decimation of the workers which would end up like this. More outsourcing was done from 2000-20008 than any time before and it really gathered steam under Reagan. That which they created to make corporations richer made most workers poorer.
    Government serves the needs of people as well as the needs of corporations. The recession made the demand for help intense. Pres obama has been trying to change these conditions.

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