Is This Ok? Am I Ugly? My Bf Says I Am?

My bf used to drink. Most of this was then. He has done things like tell me he could have sex with one girl he wanted to for years but I’m so sincere he appreciates that more, how great his ex had sex w/ him, and was still talking to her on fb and phone for months till I threw a fit and he defriended her, he sat and drank and watched these video of young girls over and over in front of me, once when we were on video conference pulled up porn and when I got upset asked if he needed to call me back. He was bad hungover. He has gotten mad and said I was disgusting and insulted certain body parts. Had once said he had a dream he was having sex w/ someone young girls on this tv show, talked about how x model is hot/sexy, watching Sin City over and over and talking about the girls in there, that stuff, certain pop stars, etc. and when I said I needed compliments said I was no supermodel. I said some men compliment me and he discounted it. Said when I leave him he’ll go back to his ex b/c she has threesomes. He was drunk for a lot of this but I’m left feeling shame and I wanted a passionate love affair and I can’t feel like that so much now b/c I can’t let go. It is poison. He told me I was a turn-off once, the way I have sex. He rejected me a few times. He didn’t want to see me a few times. He once skyped these two women, one was a relative, while I sat on his couch alone. He was very drunk. He said “one is a relative and the other girls doesn’t want to have sex with me.” And these girls who live far away he talks to he says, “well, my XXXX won’t reach that far so…” One girl and he say kiss/hug and stuff to each other. Is that wrong? We met on fb, it took a week to accept my request. He must not have been impressed like I was with him. Once he defriended me and blocked me b/c he ‘liked’ playboy/hustler/sexy actresses, etc. and I was upset because I’m so sensitive now. Then he couldn’t figure out how to unblock me and had a secret fb page I found but the secret page doesn’t have that stuff now. He even shaved his hair off to spite me b/c I loved it. There are no girls on the fb page now except for ones who don’t live near and a few friends. Should any of this bother me? I can show headshots if you need to see if I am ugly? He says he is an jerk for all that and is sorry and I’m beautiful, etc. and the insults are not true. But I don’t know how to deal…yes, some of this was recent. Is this that bad? Should I get over it?

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One Response to “Is This Ok? Am I Ugly? My Bf Says I Am?”

  1. Dumbazz Intolerant says:

    Sorry, but I am not reading that. The first sentence is enough to go by. Your boyfriend is a drunken, worthless idiot. If you were soooo revolting to him, he wouldn’t be dating you. Dump the pathetic, drunken moron and find someone who doesn’t make you feel like schitt.

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