Is This Outfit Ok For A College Interview!!!!!?

i have no fashion sense and am really insecure about my body so dont like wearing flats or even stuff that even shows my arms!! its a casual interview is this ok and how can i dress it up?

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4 Responses to “Is This Outfit Ok For A College Interview!!!!!?”

  1. janedoe says:

    Maybe you could try dressing a bit more formal? At my college we have to dress in business wear, hope this was helpful x

  2. donal says:

    I would suggest to go more formal, black dressing shirt atleast and black shoes but that my opinion only

  3. Alice says:

    That is way too casual even for a casual interview. Do not just wear a hoodie and sherpa boots to a college interview.

  4. Charley says:

    This outfit is far too casual for ANY kind of interview, whether it is casual or not.
    For interview situations, follow these rules
    1) Try to stick to dark coloured and smart bottoms. Black trousers are always a good start. I know they sound boring, but worn correctly then they almost never miss.
    2) For tops, stay away from casual tshirts, football tops and hoodies. You can get away with wearing a vest top or plain coloured t shirt if it is worn under a smart jacket, cardigan or jumper. Other than that, try a blouse. Not necessarily a white shirt, as that can look too formal, but a nice blouse in a colour that suits you is always a good choice.
    3) If you can co-ordinate your shoe colour to the colour of your top, then it always looks good, but if not they black is always a safe bet. Always wear proper shoes, not trainers. You can get away with boots, as long as they are smart, clean and professional looking (usually leather or at least leather look).
    Hope this helps.

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