Is This Outfit To Sexy For Work?

Im working in a office environment managing a sales team and I seemed to be turn heads in a outfit almost exactly the same as this one.Is it bad or good thing?…

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9 Responses to “Is This Outfit To Sexy For Work?”

  1. alex mendoza says:

    Not if your an Escort

  2. Raikyu says:

    Good thing to pick up guys, bad thing for business and impressing your boss or people taking you seriously as a business woman…people won’t think you work there…but the outfit is sexy.

  3. Tay says:

    Yes. That is an outfit for after work

  4. Connor says:

    Yes… it was not a good to wear this dress on work.

  5. Tortilla says:

    Its an outfit for clubbing anyone would look ridiculos wearing it at work.

  6. patricia s says:

    To sexy for work sorry

  7. Rojen says:

    ya it is sexy for clubbing not for work. you would look ridiculous.

  8. Miki says:

    Well it depends on your job…… :/
    if you’re a business person, the customers might not take you seriously…
    but the outfit is sexy….=]

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