Is This Pc Safe To Buy?

Hi,wondering if this pc is safe to buy (for gaming) thanks-

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2 Responses to “Is This Pc Safe To Buy?”

  1. Amar says:

    Well you are worried because the PC is overclocked. If you are buying a gaming PC and are really into games then go to a local computer store. It will be a nightmare if you get a broken PC from Amazon. Curries sell Dell which are good PCS or you can buy from Overclockers who (dont worry about the name) are computer specialists. Shop around if this is a major purchase and get the best deal on everything!

  2. Anti says:

    The only two questions I have about this Rig that are not answered in the advertisement….
    1) what is the type of power supply (PSU). Wattage is critical for a rig such as this… (I would hope for a 600W with this setup)
    2) Is it aircooled? Most of the time, it is much safer when buying an overclocked machine to get Liquid Cooling; for when you increase the performance beyond normal specs, the heat generated is also increased, and may increase beyond what a normal heatsink can dissipate. This may lead to shorter component life.

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