Is This Right? Or Should I Sue? 5 Stars Please Important!!!!!!?

I made a CASH offer to buy an apartment they were asking for $125,000 (regular sale) i offered $126,000 the same day, the Seller’s realtor sent a Email to my realtor Accepting my offer and saying that the contract would be signed that same night and they will send it to my realtor the next day, so my realtor called me the next day (today) telling me that they accepted my offer, and everything was ok. hours later my Realtor called me again telling me that the seller’s realtor saw a higher offer for $131,000 and if i give them $131,500 they will get mine offert. SO MY QUESTION IS THIS ONE, CAN THEY DO THAT? I MEAN AFTER THEY WROTE THAT EMAIL, SAYING THAT THEY ACCEPT MINE FOR $126, CAN THEY CHANGE IT? I HAVE UNDERSTAND THAT EMAIL IS A SECURED AND LEGAL WAY TO DO LEGAL STUFF. SO I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO, I ACCEPTED THE OFFER, BECAUSE THE APARTMENT ITS REALLY GOOD, BUT CAN THEY DO THAT? SHOULD I SUE? IF I SUE THEM, CAN I MAKE THEM SELL ME THE APARTMENT FOR WHAT THEY SAID BEFORE?

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2 Responses to “Is This Right? Or Should I Sue? 5 Stars Please Important!!!!!!?”

  1. Owen says:

    I’m not a lawyer so perhaps I’m not the best to give you help with this. If you are serious about suing them you should consult with a lawyer. However, I can tell you that legal fees will probably cost you the difference in prices and it will leave a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. If you want the apartment it’s probably best to pay the $131,500, although you should talk with your realtor and ask if there’s any way they could come down on the price.

  2. reenzz says:

    All real estate contracts MUST be in writing and signed. since you did not have a legally binding contract, you did not have any rights to the property.

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