Is this safe on ebay to order? (first time)?


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6 Responses to “Is this safe on ebay to order? (first time)?”

  1. Sp says:

    The seller looks safe

  2. wastedexistence says:

    purplesuckor (391)
    100% Positive feedback

    Looks fine they have received 391 pieces of feedback all from different buyers/sellers and it has all been good.

  3. DARYL says:

    check the persons feedback as it is 100% and 391 deals he seems to be trustworthy but buying online always comes with some risk so its down to you if you want it enough and are willing to pay that much

  4. SaminaJT26 says:

    yeah, seems it, the seller seems to be very good, i mean it has 100% feedback so it cant be all that bad lol 😀 plus i like the make up btw (Y) and pay pal is generally safer than most othe rways of payments 😀 x x xx

  5. Coldest says:


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