Is this set good enough to go to a friday night magic tournament?

I really want to get into magic the gathering and I saw this kit on amazon with 285 cards I think and A instruction manual on how to make decks. Could any players tell me if its good enough because I found a store which does Friday night tournaments.

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3 Responses to “Is this set good enough to go to a friday night magic tournament?”

  1. Adachi Tohru says:

    A DBT is just there to expand your collection. You shouldn’t ever think about using only the cards from it to make a deck unless you wanna build a bad deck.

  2. Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! says:

    yes, if you just want to play but not if you want to win.

  3. alexvhrk says:

    Your best bet with that box is to choose the color that has the most cards in the box, and build a deck from there. Those boxes are for expanding collections as well as providing some extra key components to casual decks, more or less. I’ve made good decks with far less than 285 cards to pool from, so you shouldn’t have too much issue. You probably wont win the tournament but you’ll have a good time.

    For future reference, if you want a somewhat competitive do the following:

    Buy two of the same event decks from the latest set
    Combine the decks together
    Remove all the filler cards and the extra land until you are left with the best cards that work the best with each other

    OR you can look online for a good cheap deck that someone else has built and shared on a message board or a site, and then order all those cards and play with that.

    Most Friday Night Magic events are using the Standard format. If you’re not sure what the Standard format is, or if your deck will be standard, go to this site and read of up on it.

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