Is This The Best Desktop For Me?

I make music.. so Audio is important and I need a good CPU, I’ve been told at a minimum pentium i3. Is the i5 in the link at the bottom a quad core?
I need at least 6GB ram, and 3 ghz (2.7 at the very least) Lots of stuff going on at the same time making music.
I need at least 5 usb ports. Storage can be 500gb or higher, I have an external HDD. I’m not worried out HDMI. Don’t need a monitor. I have a wireless usb internet adapter running off the broadband hub upstairs. (Will that be ok with the linked computer?) I’d like to come with an OS ideally win7 as I have heard nothing but bad things about win8. Is it really not as good?
I also make a few videos to songs and play the occasional game in downtime like DC universe or a total war game, but I’m not a huge gamer.
That’s about it. Making music, videos and internet use are primary concerns, but would be nice to have a computer able to game a bit as well.
I have found this, and think it more than meets my needs for the price. I just wondered if someone who knows a little bit more about this stuff can give me the push to part with my cash or if they can recommend something better…
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, Getting bored of shopping now! xD

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One Response to “Is This The Best Desktop For Me?”

  1. Gravity says:

    That is pretty good for the price, I’d go for it 🙂

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