Is this the cheapest mobile deal?

The best deal I can find so far is 3, it’s £15 a month with free phone, 250 mins and 50 texts a month, which is plenty for me. I reckon this is probably the best deal I will get, anyone know of anything cheaper?

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  1. Will i? says:

    I went through all the deals not too long ago and i reckon you are right, this 3 deal is a very good one. However, the phones are quite dated (which makes up for cheap deals). If you’re not too bothered about top of the range phones then go for it. And it might be worth checking the reception coverage as well, might not be as good as the leaders but probably good enough.

  2. cedley1969 says:

    No, virgin gave away phones and a £15 a month contract , 300 mins and unlimited texts as long as you signed up for eighteen months.

  3. Mickster says:

    im on t-mobile and for £20 i get £60 to spend as i choose, and a free phone (w850, worth about £200+)

  4. Mum.of.twins says:

    Have a look at

  5. jimporary says:

    I took out that deal with 3, but then cancelled it because they lacked good coverage and I could not understand their customer care people when I rang for help. Instead I took a Vodaphone deal with a free phone, £10 a month for 12 months, 125 minutes (with stop the clock after 3 minutes, so really you get much more time free) and 250 texts. I think that’s better. Stop the clock after three minutes applies when travelling in Europe too, for incoming as well as outgoing calls.

    PS If you are a low mobile user, like me, that makes all the calls free, so the price comparison is just on the monthly contract.

  6. achrimsdale says:

    How much does a phone call cost? That’s the figure you need to do comparisons


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