Is This Wrong Or Just A Nice Thing To Do?

I would really like to send my younger sister (she is 18) some gift vouchers (In england we say vouchers I THINK Americans say gift certificates? You know, coupons with money to spend at shops (stores) on them… anyway, id like to do this anonymously, lately I have been entering lots of competitions to win prizes and gift cards etc. Anyway, she doesn’t have her job any more, her birthday is in a couple of months and I just really want to do this!
BUT is it morally wrong or just a nice gesture?
Thanks all!

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7 Responses to “Is This Wrong Or Just A Nice Thing To Do?”

  1. Lizz says:

    why would this be wrong? thats just nice!

  2. Random person ! says:

    Aweh that’s so sweet she will love it ! And no it’s not wrong at all 🙂 in America people get EACHOTHER gifts like that all the time! Your a great sister

  3. NeeNa says:

    Why would this be wrong? But why anonymously that might weird her out… I’d send them to her from you it has nothing to do with her losing her job her birthday is coming up… your her sister, and you get them frequently

  4. Common Sense says:

    Why not send them with her knowing they are from you. If she receives anonymous gift cards she may think someone is being kinda creepy to give gifts without her knowing who they are. And, therefore, she may not use the gift cards because they are from no one she knows about.
    Send the gift cards and let her know who they are from so she will enjoy them.

  5. Hayley says:

    it is not morally wrong what so ever, it is a nice gesture you are her older brother after all i’m sure she will be very happy by the surprise and if she has not got her job anymore they will come in handy for her to treat herself to cheer her up go for it 🙂

  6. Jay says:

    Your family, I think that’ll make her feel really good. Your showing you want to help. And if she told you or basically is letting you know that she is struggling a little, she definetly will find it as a nice gesture.
    Pride shouldn’t be affected. And if so; its minimal if its a family member helping.
    she’ll just be happy your willing to help.
    your a kind person.
    good day!

  7. dw007 says:

    That is so kind of you! :’-) Is there any reason you send them anonymosly though? I feel your actions are extremely selfless and admirable to say the least.

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