Is Total Cost From Dl, Dm, Fo Equals To Cogs? Urgently Needed!?

Hello, I’m currently doing a research on a company cost of production for my university project. It is a manufacturing company with job order costing system. And the materials are bought and goods are produced only when there’s order from the customer. The thing is I receive information from the company regarding the total cost of the year as the one below :
Direct Labor : 82000
Direct Materials : 556000
Overhead :
– Indirect Materials
– Overtime
– Electricity
– Packing
– Delivery
– Maintenance of Mchine
– Depreciation of Mchine
– Other Overhead
Total Overhead : 286000
Total Production Cost = 924,000
Sales for the year = 1,030,000
COGS for the year = (924,000)
Gross profit = 106,000
Well I know that usually COGS is obtained by adding the COGM with Beg Finished Goods minus Ending Finished Goods. But apparently, the information below is the one I received from the company in which the total cost from DL, DM, FOH equals to COGS.
Does this mean the cost of DL, DM, FOH already included all the cost of Work In Process and Finished Goods which made up the COGS of the year ?
Please help me.

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