Is Wowcher free and legit?

Is it free to sign up to? can i get a bill sent to my door insted of bank deets on the internet? and most importantly is it legit?
Its got a TV advert and everything, but then iv seen people talking about it on a scam forum. But they were mostly saying it ain’t legit cos they haven’t got they’re full address on their site, but they’ve fixed that now. So dunno if i should rick it or not as it would be well handy with Christmas coming up.

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2 Responses to “Is Wowcher free and legit?”

  1. Dave says:

    Hi, Wowcher is completely legitimate. It’s owned by the same company as the Daily Mail who also operates other websites like Jobsite and Zoopla (who currently sponsor West Brom).

    It’s free to sign up, you basically are buying a discount code from them to use with the deal supplier. I don’t think you can be invoiced, in my experience, payment was required online by either debit/credit card to complete an order. Once you have your code you go to the supplier website and redeem it and they deliver your product or book you in for their service. I’ve not had a problem using them but theres always going to be people who don’t read things through properly and get mad when something goes "wrong". I’m sure you’ll be able to bag a bargain!

  2. Silly Goose says:

    Must people fall for every online scam they see?
    Is it something in the water?

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