Isn’t It Ironic That The “pro-choice” Party Opposes Letting People Choose To Not Be In A Union?

And school vouchers, and gun ownership, and free speech (talk radio), and insurance decisions, and support residency restrictions…

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12 Responses to “Isn’t It Ironic That The “pro-choice” Party Opposes Letting People Choose To Not Be In A Union?”

  1. Reason Enforcer says:

    What can we expect really,
    1, Holding back hard working men/women to endow CEO and business owners.
    2, Pro-choice when a parent gets into finical trouble they are bums if finical assistance is needed.
    3, Voters need to remove all (R) politicians from office.
    4, The 2nd amendment should never be abolished, Full automatic weapons and high capacity clips are not necessary for the general public, If eligible citizens desire fire are ownership so be it.
    5, A woman should be able to control her own reproduction beliefs, It is plain wrong to modify curtail roe Vs wade, If it was that important in the 1st place it should never happened. Why wait 43 years to say it is wrong.

  2. Bill says:

    The phrase “pro-choice” is understood to mean what a woman can choose to do with her own body in the context of her personal health care.
    Not all choices a person can make, ever.
    You’ve identified a false equivalency. FAIL.

  3. Bug says:

    wallowing in hypocrisy, ignorance and blame are three cornerstones of liberalism……..the fourth is butt fisting…..

  4. manifest ohhhh says:

    Liberals have one set of rules for themselves and another set of rules for everyone else

  5. Rocky says:

    It’s not ironic. Those are separate issues.

  6. ---- says:

    You Mad LGBT community are going to have marriage rights.

  7. The Black Flash of America says:

    You are talking apples and oranges kid.

  8. John Wayne Fan says:

    it sure is and they dont want convicted killers to be executed but killing babies is OK. they are warped

  9. Mike M NUMBER 5 says:

    The pro-choice party, never heard of it.

  10. JohnnyK says:

    No, it isn’t..

  11. Apathy Kat® says:

    Says who?
    I am not a fan of unions.

  12. Cybi says:

    How long did it take for you to make that one up?

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