Isn’t It Obvious To Anyone With A Brain That The Democrats Have Always Been The Racist Party?

In the 1700’s, the tax-and-spend Tories, though while called “conservatives” were actually predecessors of the modern liberal ideology, fought to allow England to keep its despotic rule over America. The first Democrat, Andrew Jackson, murdered countless Indians and denied their rights against the Supreme Court. The liberal Democrats from the South seceded from the Union and fought tirelessly to keep slavery. The liberal Democrats founded the KKK and tore down Reconstruction governments, delaying full black rights by nearly 90 years. The liberal Democrats fought against federal anti-lynching laws and Civil Rights acts. Liberal Democrat Woodrow Wilson, the architect of the United Nations, segregated the federal government. Abortion supporter Margaret Sanger promoted abortion and founded Planned Parenthood as a means to control the black population. Labor unions like the AFL-CIO refused to allow blacks into their unions and were staunch racists. FDR interned thousands of Japanese Americans for no crime other than their skin color during World War II. Harry Truman was a member of the KKK. In the 1950’s, LBJ blocked Civil Rights Acts in 1957 until finally giving into Eisenhower, saying “”These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.” In 1964, LBJ reluctantly passed the Civil Rights Bill that received overwhelming support from Republicans and was opposed by most Democrats, including liberal Albert Gore Sr. Under President Reagan, blacks had higher income growth than any other racial group(… )yet Democrats tried to block him every step of the way. Now, liberals find welfare as a way to keep black people “in their plantation”. Rudy Guiliani’s tough-on-crime policies saved thousands of black lives, yet liberals call him racist when their policies caused urban crime. Abortion is now the #1 killer in the African American community thanks to liberal Democrats. And now, liberals are blocking school voucher programs, which help black children escape from the perpetually failing urban public schools and break the grip of poverty.
Liberals are the TRUE racist party. Always have been, always will be.
Every liberal here idolizes FDR, a very liberal President. He won every Southern state in 1936 but lost the NE states of Vermont and Maine. Just because the geographic base changes doesn’t mean the ideology of each party changes.
Civil rights leader Martlin Luther King Jr. was a CONSERVATIVE, FAMILY VALUES-SUPPORTING CHRISTIAN who was the son of a minister. He was a Republican.

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6 Responses to “Isn’t It Obvious To Anyone With A Brain That The Democrats Have Always Been The Racist Party?”

  1. Joe says:

    They accuse others of what applies to themselves. Republicans have loved people such as Cain, Rice, Keyes, Thomas, Powell, Mia Love, Allen West and a host of other notable Blacks. Barack Hussein Obama, whom they despise because he’s a Communist, is half white.
    Republicans are not racists. But what you’ve described about Democrats is true.

  2. Susan Mendoza says:


  3. Steelers says:

    You are absolutely 100% correct. Democrats have no choice but to make people feel like entitled victims, because they do not have near the record of Equal Rights accomplishment as the Republicans do.
    The GOP Started as an abolitionist party. After Lincoln freed the slaves and left Office with 16% approval it was the Democrats who broke away for political reasons and became the party of the south popularly called Dixiecrats. They remained dominant in Southern politics until post Lyndon Johnson era, when Jimmy Carter backed Roe V Wade and alienated the evangelical Southern electorate forcing Liberals to reconstruct their social Ideology. In addition to Carter Social views his extreme immigration views such as Wet foot/dry foot peeved a lot of Americans contributing to Huge drug epidemics and skyrocketing crime rates in Florida during the 1980’s
    There is a reason after Carter the Republicans held the White House 12 straight years in this country. 1980-1992.
    Away from the Civil War and more into the last century It was Dwight Eisenhower endorsing Brown vs The Board of Education Topeka Kansas that led to the desegregation of all public entity.
    Republican-dominated legislatures saw the passing of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, abolishing slavery, securing equal protection under the law, and giving voting rights to all ethnicities.

  4. Reginald says:

    This is pretty childish man. Grow up

  5. Cantanke says:

    98% of black voters would seem to disagree.
    You must have forgot about the 1960’s to 1980’s when all the racists switched to the Republican party.
    Conservatives can be bad at history but you’re a new level of bad.

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