Item Not Received, Now Refusing Refund Or Item.?

I bought a slow cooker for £15.99 from Groupon which i never received, although they had taken my money
out of my account. l contacted Groupon who told me it was because i hadn’t redeemed my voucher and to get in touch with James Russell who was selling the item, after several weeks of e-mails each one sending me back to the other with different codes they have now told me that as the selling of the item has now expired there is nothing they can do. So no cooker and no refund, i did try paypal as i paid with them but they said it was longer than 45 days and there was nothing they can do which i understand but surely Groupon or the seller are not allowed to do this? they obviously sent me back and forth with bogus codes just to waste time until the 45 days were up. Is there anything i can do about this. Thank you.

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2 Responses to “Item Not Received, Now Refusing Refund Or Item.?”

  1. Nathan says:

    If you have a bank account or credit card attached to your paypal account, you can try to open a dispute through your bank/ credit card company. But again 45 days is usually past their cutoff limit too. I would give it a shot though.

  2. tanitha says:

    You have a contract with whoever you paid – whether that’s groupon on the other seller.
    Write to them and tell them you will start proceedings in the small claims court without further notice unless you receive a full refund within 7 days.
    If you don’t get the money, then sue them. It costs £30 but you get the money back if you win (which you will). You can get the forms from your local county court office (they will help you fill them in) or you can do it online.
    That’s assuming you don’t get any joy from your bank/credit card (which I don’t think you will as you paid through a third party – paypal; but it’s certainly worth trying)

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