Its About Red Dead Redemption. Please Help?

I want this game RDR but i need it as cheap as i can. I cant buy it if its not worth $20 or less. Dont ask why. AND it has to be on the psn. No stores. No online shipment. I am asking: Is there like a discount code i could use to atleast get a 10 percent off? (i am not a playstation plus user) please help. Best answer gets 5 stars! 🙂

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2 Responses to “Its About Red Dead Redemption. Please Help?”

  1. Gaetan Cantave says:

    i got it at walmart for 19.96 you probably will find it cheaper on psn, just check it there, i recently bought it , its a great game . i understand your concern but since my parents don’t know anything about video games i get away with m rated games

  2. Dave Hytmen says:

    Why don’t you purchase the actual game, unless you aren’t of age to be playing it? I’d rather you support Game Companies like Rockstar by purchasing the Game Of The Year Edition off their official website, not scamming your way into owning it cheaply.

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