iTunes – buying off gift vouchers?

I havent got an iTunes account but i bought a £15 gift voucher to buy music videos with (ye i know you can buy songs off Limewire etc but im buying music vids and ive got the voucher now so you know, no point in suggesting that).
But i dont want to sign up because you have to do your credit card settings dont you, and i dont want to pay by credit card, not at the moment and not in the future.
So what do you click on and go on etc to just get the stuff without having to sign up (seeing as ive already paid for them) cus i dunno how to do it lol.
Thank youuu 🙂 x
Where does it say redeem??? sorry i sound dead dumb but i cant find where it says it :s
Found it

thanks 🙂
it still says i need to register, and though i dont need to sign up with a credit card it still wants my address and phone number. is this ok to give out? i cant skip it grrrrr

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2 Responses to “iTunes – buying off gift vouchers?”

  1. amsterdam says:

    you don’t have to tell ’em anything. I’m like you, don’t like giving card details, but my son bought me vouchers for Christmas, and all I had to do was click on "redeem" put the numbers in and the credit was loaded. Easy

  2. keirah says:

    sign up and click redeem voucher

    you have to register which is free and download itunes software

    EDIT** yes its fine you give your address and phone number

    reedem is on the right hand side of the itunes store

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