I’ve Got A Story Idea, But I Don’t Know If It Would Just Be Something Pointless To Write?

I came up with this idea after watching the movie “Christine,” and used a bit of knowledge I’d gotten from watching “Let Me In” and “Lars and the Real GIrl.” I don’t know what people would think of the plot, but I feel like I’ve gotten some general ideas down.
I’m not trying to be *completely original* or anything, but rather, I want to write this to try it out, but I don’t want it to just be a waste of time.
The storyline I have now is centered around a gawky teenager named “Harley” but generally goes by Arley, who has a lot of self-resentment issues and copes with constant bullying. He has social anxiety issues that push him to avoid people, especially women, and his only real friends are his brother “Dave”, and one of the other teenagers at the high school; a partier and best friend named “Channing”, whom he’d known for most of his life since their parents are very close.
Because of how socially fearful Arley is, he not only makes himself a target by seeming depressed and weak all of the time, but he often pressures Channing, who tries to get him to actually do something to change his issues. Instead, they end up playing video games together over nights of drinking.
After the novel begins, a day takes place at school where Arley tries to take a step forward in his social stance. He talks to a girl named “Levi” whom he’s had a crush on for most of the year. Channing shows that he is proud of him. However, afterwards he is cornered by three of the bullies who pick on him the most, and they insult him by calling him “homosexual” names and telling him not to talk to women that they’ve had their eyes on. After school, Channing tells Arley that he needs to go to a sex shop to pick out a few things for his girlfriend. He invites him along, jokingly. Arley decides that he’ll go.
After they arrive at the store, Arley finds himself more interested in the store than he thought he’d be, and feels a bit disgusted about it. Channing makes constant jokes about the place, showing a contrast in their ideas. After making it to the back of the store, Arley discovers that there is a life sized sex-doll that looks “like the perfect girl.” He finds himself enthralled with the thing. Channing doesn’t see this, but calls him from the front of the store, saying he’s ready to leave. Arley rushes to catch up with him, memorizing every detail of the doll.
Channing declares that he needs to leave the store to get his checkbook for a moment. As soon as he leaves, the store owner confronts him about how he was staring at “Chastity,” the doll in the back. He says that he’ll sell it to him for a heavily discounted price, depending on his age. Since Arley is a minor, however, he can’t buy it. He says he’ll figure out something, and the store owner shrugs it off, and makes a remark like “She has an eye for you, you know.”
As soon as Arley is dropped off at his house, he goes inside to throw a tantrum about how he hates his life. Arley’s parents are very overcompensating, and offer to get him anything that he wants, as the price of settling him down. Arley describes the doll he saw in the sex store, and how he wants it. His parents reluctantly agree to this after some confrontation.
The next weekend, Arley is greeted by his parents with the doll packed away in a box. The mother is somewhat repulsed by it, but the father encourages his son. Damien does not yet know about this.
Arley takes the doll to his room to dress it in clothes, and finds himself enthralled with the figure. He does nothing but run his hand through its hair for the remainder of the day, but resists his urge to sleep with it.
As time passes by, he comes back to see it, often combing its hair or applying makeup, bathing it even. The time comes where he decides to have sex with it. As he does, however, the doll places a hand on his back, which frightens him. He sees it not moving, however, and believes he is going crazy, with the fact that he has a sex doll as proof.
The next occurrence that happens is a shifting of the doll’s eyes from staring at the wall to staring at him, and a slight smile.
There’s a lot more to the story, but as of now, I need to perfect the beginning.
As creepy of a story as it is, I know it has potential. Especially in today’s day and age.

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One Response to “I’ve Got A Story Idea, But I Don’t Know If It Would Just Be Something Pointless To Write?”

  1. Laura says:

    Is he just going insane towards the end, or is the doll possessed or something? Honestly, I do think that this would make a great horror story…the doll is cursed but no one believes him!!!
    Until it’s too late, that is…

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