ive seen a offer on love film for a 20 pound amazon voucher….?

so i started the free trial and was wondering how to get the voucher any help thank you!!

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  1. Debbie c says:

    The voucher is usually sent after the trial has ended as long as you’ve met their conditions. Just don’t forget to cancel the trial before the end date so you don’t get charged for the first month, unless of course you do want to continue using the service.

    It’s always worth reading the terms before signing up. These should be the same:

    8. At the end of your free trial, you will automatically become a paying member unless you cancel your subscription and return any of our discs in your possession BEFORE the end of your free trial.
    9. In order to qualify for your £20 Amazon.co.uk Gift Certificate, you must validly register for the free trial, have had at least one disc dispatch, add at least 10 titles to your rental list and make your first DVD Rental monthly payment. This excludes any discounted packages, e.g. gift voucher purchases and prepay.

  2. Michael says:

    this site has new codes every day:

    download the list and there always a couple unredeemed for 50% off

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