Jane Austen: Seven Novels (barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics) Question?

I saw this book on Amazon and may be interested in purchasing it. But first I am wondering, does this edition contain american-english spellings? I noticed that this was mentioned on other reviews for other Barnes & Noble editions like Iliad, The Odyssey and Complete Sherlock Holmes. I would rather have the original text and not one that has been mangled for american audience. Here’s a link below.http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jane-Austen-Noveā€¦

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One Response to “Jane Austen: Seven Novels (barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics) Question?”

  1. Kate Marigold says:

    It is the original text because if it wasnt it would say abridged but The Leather Bond Classics Series are all unabridged or should be.

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