January Sales In The UK?

Do u think that this years january sales are going to be better than last year due to the credit crunch!!!

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9 Responses to “January Sales In The UK?”

  1. nessa_XD says:

    I think prices might be lower to encourage more people to spend…BUT, i doubt the amount of people wil be more than last years. christmas will be a hard time for most of us and by the time the sales come, people might not have enough money to spend in them. 🙁

    Damn the CC!!!

  2. J'ster! says:

    I hope so!
    Although I haven’t seen much ‘January Sales’ advertising going on? ;/

  3. RobboOne says:

    Jesssss Gareth,
    Is this a "need more points" question, or are you not a Rocket Scientist…
    Take care….

  4. spring_rainbows says:

    Worse, though shops want to sell more they also need to sell stuff at a decent price. Take woolworths closing down sale, the business is bust there in debt but there still only sellings things at discount of 10-20%. All other shops will follow.

  5. icewitch54 says:

    Who knows? We have the Xmas (previously unheard of) sales now so I guess it’ll depend on how much money they generate.

  6. Muffin the Mule says:

    Well seeing as most shops seem to have sales all year we might be lucky in January to gain further discounts.

  7. floppity says:

    I think it depends on how well things do now, if they aren’t selling what they hope for at Christmas then they’ll lower the prices for January. Time will tell!

  8. Bren says:

    i know someone who works in ikea they told me that they are not having a sale this year cos prices have already been reduced before xmas

  9. David H says:

    The way shops are shifting their goods at present with massive discounts, it seems unlikely there’ll be any old stock left to sell off in January!

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