Javascript Edit Your Transcript Report Card?

So right now, this semester in college, my grades are in and I’ve never made a C ever! I don’t want to tell my mom, but, she just said that I need to print out my transcript so she can bring it to the Insurance so I can continue to get my discount on the insurance for doing well in school. Well the thing is…I don’t mind the insurance guy seeing the C, it’s my mom I don’t want her to see.
So I actually found a javascript page editor thing that actually works cause I’ve tried it, and I changed my C to a B….. Would this be alright to do just for this one time only just to show to the insurance guy? Cause he only glances at it and gives me the discount he doesn’t check to see if everything is completely correct.
Would this be alright to do? I’m not doing this for any educational benefits, my grade is still a C, I just don’t want me parents to see it.
Thank you!

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