Job Centre – New Deal?

A friend of my is on the New Deal Scheme, they are claiming that in order for them to go to a job interview or start a office job, he can claim moneyt back if he needs to buy a business suit, shoes & shirt + tie. Is this true r a wind-up ?

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  1. J_Marshall1967 says:

    he is slighty correct,

    The money he is talking about is called the advisors discretionary fund adn his New Deal Advisor will decide if ur friend gets any of it,

    Your friend will not be given the actual cash but a voucher to spend in a selected shop of there choosing, and they will mark on the voucher what your friend is allowed to purchase, weather it b a suit, shoes, shirt or a paid or denims, the shop will follow these instructiond and will not even provide ur friend with a reciept but only a copy of the order from the jobcentre as people try to return goods and get store credit to buy what they want

    The fund is normally given to people who have an interview and been umemployed for over 6 months but as i said above it is at the advisord discretion and most are very fussy who they give it to, if it looks very possible ur mate may actually have a job start then the chances are higher but for just an interview he will fidn it harder to pursuade them

    hope that helps

  2. harry says:

    yes he will get a grant of up to £200.00

  3. jamand says:

    True I’m afraid!

  4. Agustin-Jean F says:

    Wind up, sorry

  5. jeanimus says:

    This is true, you may need to get a quote from a shop or two. But if they’re in a good mood they may just give you the cash. It isn’t a fortune, but it helps.

  6. Mighty C says:

    Job centre = waste of time. They’ll just pass you from pillar to post. Better off checking the recruitment section in your local paper.

  7. Ollie says:

    Its true,however I would want it in writing.

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