job centre new deal ?

i have just started new deal on monday and i was supposed to get paid on friday but they said there still processing it and i will get it on wednesday or thursday but i reli need the money now what should i do

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  1. The Oracle says:

    If you are on New Deal, you will have been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for a while, so there shouldn’t be problems with your payments. When you say you have started New Deal, do you mean the work experience placement side of things, when you are transferred onto a training allowance? If that is the case, there should still be no problems with your payments. It is unacceptable for you to have to wait until Wednesday or Thursday next week; if you are due on Friday, you should have been paid on Friday. Call the JSA processing section in the morning, and get a proper explanation as to why you have not been paid. If they say it is due to processing, insist (politely, rudeness will get you nowhere) on being paid that day, either an internet payment into your account, or a counter giro. If they say it has already been sent, and will clear by Wednesday or Thursday, ask for the payment to be recalled, and be given a counter giro instead that day. They will pull their faces about that, as it creates a lot of work for them, but that is quite frankly not your problem.

    Obviously, if there is a good reason for a delay in your payments, like you’ve registered a change in circumstances, then you will have to wait.

  2. darl says:

    rob a bank
    or be a male / female prostitute

  3. kenny says:

    you just have to wait they have you by the short and curlies . ,its the govts civil sevice your dealing with.
    if you really are desperate contact the salvation army or similar they would help,

  4. Bren says:

    they should be able to give u a crisis loan. speak to yr advisor first thing monday and hopefully they can sort it for u. good luck.

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